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ALBUM REVIEW: Sokleva - Fistful of Stones || @SoklevaHughes

Front Cover

Album – Fistful of Stones
Artist – Sokleva Hughes [of Rooftop MC’s]
Record Label – RiverBank Music 2015
Producers – Okey Sokay, Milla, Danny Beatz, XBlaze, Okey Sokay, Wytboi JR, Plice, Isaiah, LC Beatz, Highhills
Features – Okey Sokay, IBK Spaceship Boi, LC Beatz, Nolly, XL2Letters, Gamie, Protek Illasheva, Soul, Provabs.
Mixed & Mastered by Okey Sokay.
Total Running Time – 41 minutes

Nigerian CHH forerunner & Rooftop MC's duo member,
Sokleva Hughes finally dropped his latest album under the RiverBank Music imprint, showing the world his “Fistful of Stones” and like a veteran, he did it with class, solidifying his stance in the CHH min-dustry. Something a few upcoming CHH rappers can take a cue from.

Now, let it be known from the start that "Fistful of Stones" is not just a collection of songs; it is an embodiment of faith confessions, true worship and, dare I say it, lyrical prowess at its best [for the current level of CHH in Nigeria]. The veteran’s infusion of the ‘street’ Yoruba and Ibo rap with the Gospel, including our very own traditional beats [in some tracks] makes for a brilliant mix. Though the artist’s use of our traditional beats and language strays away from the molds of your ‘typical’ Christian rap, it makes the album not just a unique quid of rap, but an innovative work of art.

The songs contained therein aren’t just for the fleeting moments, but for the moment because right at the end of every track, there’s a lesson to be learned and a story to be told in the next, at the same time laced with the intensity of the beats, the truth in barz and an undeniable passion in his delivery.

This 12-track mind brings together the musical expertise of vast music producers, artistes and songwriters, & at the end, its output does speak for itself. 

Everything has its time! And “Seasons” (Track 1) features OrangeVille music front man, Okey Sokay delivering his signature sound & vibe  that we've grown to love & cherish. The Martian, IBK SpaceshipBoi, is enlisted but doesn't show up?

“Helicopter Flow” featuring LC Beatz (Track 2) – “Anytime I flow man, I’m standing on the rock sir”. This line resonates with you as Sokleva takes you on a 4-minute lyrical tour, reaffirming his position as Rap King while standing on the Rock [of Ages]. LC Beatz comes through just as his craft & style always demands of him. Great tune needless to say.

“G.G.M” (Track 3) featuring CIA’s Nolly is a must listen for every believer. Kids, you are advised to try a particular portion of the song at home.

“Catergory” is a classic CHH joint spiced with African instrumentation features XL2Letters kicking it off. GAMiE also comes through with that “Hope” as the Hope dealer; Hope that Gospel rap is definitely on the rise and by God is bound to improve.

“In The Up” (Track 6) leaves you wondering if “Amen” crooner & BLW rap soldier, Protek Illasheva can ever go wrong on a track.

“Shine” (Track 5) obviously coined from Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 16, which by the way is an infectious Rasta-man vibe. A potential crowd favorite also!

Look out for “Haya” (Track 8) & “Baba God” (Track 10) featuring Provabs.

In summary, the entirety of Sokleva’s musical offering were brilliantly produced and masterfully versed.

Rating – 4/5

Click HERE to download album.

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