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UK-based Nigerian Artiste, Evans Ogboi Tells Hilarious Story || @ogboievans

This post was shared by the multi-talented recording artiste and music minister, Evans Ogboi via Facebook. As funny and witty as it sounds, there's something special to learn from his story. Check it out!

LOL!!! Guys, I need to share this with y'all. About 12 years ago, I had just gotten a job as a drummer with a church in Lagos Nigeria so I would go there from time to time off service hours to practice.

One day, I was in church having an amazing time practising some drum solos when one of the Ministers stepped into the auditorium. I think he had an appointment or some work to do at the office. He turned to me with a smile on his face and walked towards me. My spirit rose in expectation as he approached the drum stand. He got close enough and whispered "why do you like noise"?

LOL!!!!!! I can still remember getting home that day to share my experience with my friends. They laughed and laughed. 😂😂😂

Saints, discouragement will always come but your response determines its effect. It can either stop you or provoke and propel you to your next level.

As we approach 2016, may the Lord strengthen your resolve more than ever before. Be unstoppable in Jesus name.

Watch His First Drum Recording Session [2011] :


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