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XL2LETTERS drops another hot single off the Se7en EP, this time to celebrate this 30th birthday. His new single is a beautiful and seamless blend of soulful worship and smooth hip hop.

The song is akin to his song ‘Like a Drug’ on his former mixtape ‘The Grace Alone Mixtape’. The track is aptly named HANDS TO THE SKY, which describes the physical hand motion of one who has surrendered all in worship to his creator and Savior,  Jesus Christ.

‘When I put my hands to the sky, I worship the king, he is the el shaddai, He’s the Lord of lords, he’s the Adonai, I will follow him until the day I die.’

Such is the chorus of this song, which depicts a pure balance of worship and rap music. The beat was produced by RISING SON [USA] and was recorded mixed and mastered by Dr SANKTY for 17-17 AUDIO LAB.

Download, listen and enjoy!


Twitter: @XL2LETTERS

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When I put my hands to the sky,
I worship the king, he is the el shaddai,
He’s the Lord of lords, he’s the Adonai,
I will follow him until the day I die.

Verse 1

Higher than the Higest of highest of every high/
His love and his compassion be sweeter than apple pies/
One who wiped my tears from my aching and weary eyes/
One who keeps me warms from the winter cause he is the fire/

Hands to the sky like its a stick up/
His love and his grace is how i sleep and how i wake up/
His love for me is so real no make up/
In the spiritual Gym am getting my faith up/

One who was and is to come, one who reigns forever more/
One who died and rose again, one who saved me from my sin/
Lilly of the valley , his love and mercies surrounds me/
His grace and mercies abounding, his love and power’s astounding, bounding/

Bound in a covenant of blood, love so undiluted came right from up above/
I don’t have a choice but to show all that he has done/
Lover of my soul and the rising of the son, sing./


When I put my hands to the sky,
I worship the king, he is the el shaddai,
He’s the Lord of lords, he’s the Adonai,
I will follow him until the day I die.

Verse 2

I tried to imagine a future without my king/
Thinking what kind of gimmics and lyrics would i be spitting/
who will i be dating, what crew will i be repping/
Probably ending my life still hurting and regretting/

He held me down through the heartaches, heart breaks/
blood pressure, the scars and bad grades/
Stayed, when everybody else abandoned me/
Saved by the grace and the love that he’s given me/

I owe him too much to be acting like a boss/
A loss, is what my life will be without the cross/
Ofcourse, he redeemed us at all cost/
And opened the life gate for the broken and the lost/

Back then when i was a kid who woulda thought/
That i’ll be rapping, still unashamed, repping the lord,/
Double R H P, is a testimonial
U call it a hustle, i call it grace eternal, sing../


When I put my hands to the sky,
I worship the king, he is the el shaddai,
He’s the Lord of lords, he’s the Adonai,
I will follow him until the day I die.

Verse 3:

The Supreme being and ruler of all things/
Never defeated, never defiled him as king/
Never lost a battle, always winning wars/
He’s the God of war with the ever blazing sword/

Sin caused friction with God like new tyres/
But he redeemed us like winning from bonanzas/
Through the death of his son, the God man project/
Now to sin in death we stand and protest/

We become true clones of the original, copies of the master/
The lord God king eternal/
The efficacies of his and the complexies of his deeds undeniable
Holiness through our works is impossible/

Grace is a blank cheque, we just gotta sign it/
Everything we ever need, God has designed it/
Layed out the blueprint, we just gotta follow it/
He’s the Chief Architect, and it’s for our benefit, yeah/


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