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"THANK YOU JESUS, YOU TURNED IT" - Nathaniel Bassey Testifies Of God's Protection From Plane Crash || @nathanielblow

God be praised forever! Stumbled across this testimony few minutes ago by renowned worshiper & songwriter, Nathaniel Bassey and it's important you hear what he has to say about God's love, guidance & protection. Lesson learned; "never get too familiar with the grace of God that you forget to show gratitude".

"THANK YOU JESUS. HE TURNED IT! Between Sunday and Monday, I've flown for about 5 hours in and out of different cities in the US. Yesterday's was to be the last lap before returning to base on this trip. So we were flying from Charlotte to Washington Dc. Pilot already said it was cloudy and would rain at some point. Going through the thickly dark clouds was stressful enough. And just about 15mins to land, he gets on the mic to say, "ladies and gentlemen, something just popped up in front, and we have to divert immediately. That's all I can say for now. We land in 20 mins. Cabin crew prepare for landing and as soon as he got off the mic you could hear someone literally flying hurriedly to beat something. Then began this Hollywood maneuvering. Now after you hear such, you know it's has to be a GOD. You know what prior to this time, I felt a leading to listen to Tye Tribbet's HE'S TURNED IT. Normally I would listen to sorting softer while reading at the same time. So when the announcement came. I figured GOD had already turned it around for our good. So as this rush to land continued, folks became apprehensive. With my ear phones on I just declared THANK YOU JESUS... THANK YOU JESUS.....etc.  
To spare you the details, we landed safely and met these fire trucks waiting for us. It was then we realised it was a big deal. Praise God, HE TURNED IT.Now, while I declared those words and prayed the oyibos looked like they didn't hear. But when we landed, an elderly man turned to me and said,"THANKS FOR HELPING TO LAND THE PLANE AND PRAYING FOR SOME OF US WHO CANT PRAY". Immediately I said, "PRAISE GOD. JESUS LANDED THE PLANE" 
I also remember saying thank you Jesus on the preceding flight we were on. And two women next to me said, yes thank you Jesus. Why am I saying this ? Sometimes when in public, we become ashamed of our faith. We don't want people thinking we are fanatics. But truth of the matter is that, people are waiting to see and know our God is real. And indeed they testifies yesterday. It is normally my practice to say THANK YOU JESUS when ever I arrive safely. At least to the hearing of those around me. So when you taxi, say it. When you take off, say Thank you Jesus. When you cruise and land safely, Thank him. Don't ever get used to his goodness and mercy, no matter how small they look, and forget to say Thank you Jesus!  
Now here is a an add on testimony. The flight was mistakenly booked to land me at a wrong airport. Farther from where we stay. But the diversion actually now took us back to where I should have landed in the first place. I guess this is what scripture says when things work out for our good.   
So I prophecy to you reading this, everything meant to destroy you and cause you shame and sorrow is being turned around. And shall work perfectly for your good and favor. And you shall testify, in Jesus' name. Amen!  
So once again, I say THANK YOU JESUS. YOU TURNED IT."

THANK YOU JESUS. HE TURNED IT,Between Sunday and Monday, I've flown for about 5 hours in and out of different cities...
Posted by Nathaniel Bassey on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Glory to God, forever!


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