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"Where Do You Find Yourself? The Stage Or The Altar?" By Tonia Shodunke || @toniasho1


While making my daily rounds on Facebook, I stumbled upon this and thought to share with my PraiseCamp family and Gospel music ministers alike. Thanks to Gospel music artiste, Tonia Shodunke for sharing the post on her official Facebook page. View post after the cut 
Where do you find yourself? Altar or stage...

17 Differences Between A Stage And An Altar.

#1. A stage is for performance; an altar is for worship.

#2. A stage is for competition; an altar is for completion.

#3. A stage is for personal applause; an altar is for God’s glory.

#4. A stage is for wooing the frantic crowd; an altar is for serenading the King of Kings.

#5. A stage is for dishing popular sentiment; an altar is for delivering heaven’s edicts.

#6. A stage is for selfish ambition; an altar is for selfless sacrifice.

#7. A stage is owned and manned by man; an altar is owned and supervised by a particular deity to whom it is erected and dedicated.

#8. A stage is where everything must be perfect; an altar is where the imperfect are perfected.

#9. A stage is where man ascends; an altar is where God descends.

#10. A stage pushes professionalism; an altar stresses spirituality.

#11. A stage is all about how to project the right image; an altar is concerned about how to mold character.

#12. A stage is for fireworks display of human excellence, skill, and ingenuity; an altar is for the release of the divine purging fire of His Holy presence.

#13. A stage is where stars gloat over the camera’s glare; an altar is where sons lie prostrate, struck by Heaven’s glory.

#14. A stage is where a brilliant blaze of firecrackers illuminate the performer; an altar is where a bolt of heaven’s fire disfigures the worshipper.

#15. A stage is where living beings are showcased; an altar is where dead beings are offered.

#16. A stage is where artists pull out all the tricks of the trade to dazzle the crowd; an altar is where servants stay true to their call so as to let the congregants draw closer to Jesus.

#17. A stage is where superstars hog the limelight; an altar is where everything pales into insignificance in light of the stunning bright Morning Star!!!

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