Quit the CONDEMNATION! There is an ill that is fast becoming a trend amongst the body of Christ and like a cancer, is fast spreading. And it bothers on the quick condemnation of fellow believers. Quite a number of us Christians find it easy to condemn other believers simply because 'we don't practice the sin they have been caught with or indulge in'. Our personal preferences are not the yardstick for judging anyone, rather the WORD of God. 

Some of us are guilty of hideous sins which can not for a second be televised without shame coming upon our faces. When a fellow believer slips into sin, the first call is not to seek CONDEMNATION, but restoration. We fail to realize that when we lose one believer, the kingdom of God is rendered ONE MAN DOWN! How does alienating another christian (without inquiring the causative organ for their downfall and helping to seek redress) aid the kingdom of our savior Jesus Christ? How? Rather, when we continue with such practices, the camp of the enemy rejoices and we are fast failing to see the consequences of our actions. 

Some Christians who have issues with another rejoice at the slightest BAD VIBE or NEWS they hear, simply because they have 'personal and/or unresolved issues' with the said individual. SUCH PRACTICES ARE UNGODLY! THEY ARE DEMONIC STRATEGIES USED IN THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS - NOT LIGHT. 

Why should you rejoice at the downfall of another brethren? I have come to realize that those who practice such are most times full of ENVY, HATE and JEALOUSY. They sometimes..no, they MOST TIMES covet that which the other has. Christianity is not a PERSONAL PREFERENCE culture where you create CAMPS and judge those whom you 'feel' are not worthy of your kind comments. IT IS NOT! We are losing brethren to the kingdoms and precepts of this world and that is in itself bad enough! Don't add yours to it!

If we at ANY POINT disregard 1st Corinthians 13:4-7, we are in debt of God's word. Love never rejoices in iniquity but rejoices in the truth (1st Corinthians 13 verse 6). The kingdom of our God and savior doesn't need us SHOOTING a fellow christian down! No! We must repent of this ailing sin and turn back to the truth of the WORD. BUILD FELLOW BELIEVERS - DON'T DESTROY THEM!

Seriously Selah on this!


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