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MUSIC: IBK Spaceship Boi - All Mouth Everything Feat Tychi || @spaceshipboi

Shortly after the release of his first single for the year titled "Duology",  IBK Spaceship Boi is back with a new JAM! He still warns that this track is for real hiphop heads only and speaking on the track, he says;
Still in the spirit of spontaneity, I decided to create a beat using vocals, yes! you read right, all the instruments on this record are created with my God given voice. From beat boxing to simulating a bass and strings and scratch sound effect all with my voice.After that was done, I sent the demo to one of the greatest MC's I have the privilege of calling a friend (TYCHI) she immediately wrote a verse and we hit the studio today March 20th 2015 and this was what we came up with.
We know you'll be inspired so do click the play button and share with a friend.

Mixed and Mastered by OKEY SOKAY



I am the greatest
Like Ali said it
Not the greatest
Cos of all the awards that I've been given
Not the greatest cos my skill feels like a slice of heaven
But the greatest cos I constantly intercourse with diligence

I'm not perfect cos I am a Christian
I'm a Christian cos I'm actually walking towards perfection
Like a seed I die everyday with hope for resurrection
Cos rebirth is a process he did it through Crucifixion
My God
Forgive them for they know not what they do
These rappers be thinking they spitting metaphorical
My hand is way up in the sky
Statue of liberty
What u talking bout home boy use some simile
The bird don't sing cos u put it up in a box
Let the bird out and watch it strut like Vivica Fox
Don't get stock on good
Be fantastic like


All mouth err tin
Mouth bass
Mouth drums
All mouth err tin
Mouth strings
Mouth ones
All mouth err tin
With Jesus in d mix
Bae you can do anything


Like an Einstein
Let your mind shine
It could take a thousand times
That Thomas Edison grind
Put it on paper let God elevate you
Run with the vision make it plain
86 the escalators
Winning & wining, ain't just here making a living.
Got all my aces in hand
Laser like focus, I’m in this
My witness, omnipresence
The realest there ain't no dissing
Failure permits no alibis, so I’m on admission
To the school of success, call it war of attrition
The lights are cut off, but I still look at my vision
I take NO as my vitamins that’s a perfect nutrition
Don’t let people’s opinion become your personal mission
So I blaze trails, make waves, awesome heights
And they pave way, set stage for my flight
Yeah, you start small, start now the time is right
Cause the greatest revenge is massive success aight


All mouth err tin
Mouth bass
Mouth drums
All mouth err tin
Mouth strings
Mouth ones
All mouth err tin
With Jesus in d mix
Boy you can do anything


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