Kierra "Kiki" Sheard
Kierra Sheard recently participated in a question and answer session with her fans on Twitter, which she was able to use as a platform to open up about her spiritual perspective.

Kierra, 27, has always had a powerful voice which she has used to sing for the Lord in the choir of her father's church since the age of 6. As the daughter of Grammy award-winning singer Karen Clark Sheard of the gospel music group The Clark Sisters, Kierra is no stranger to the gospel music industry.

Kierra, the daughter of Bishop J. Drew Sheard, released her fifth studio album, "Graceland" earlier this year. She recently gave fans the opportunity to ask her questions about everything from her romantic relationships to her desire for children.

In the process, Kierra was able to give people a glimpse into her spiritual life. When one person questioned her what a regular Sunday is like for her, Kierra revealed that it involved serving at her father's Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC church.

"I've been working on the admin team and I've been running the screens on some days lol and loving it" - Sheard revealed.

When another person asked how she felt about preaching, the pastor's daughter was candid in her response.
"It makes me nervous and I often question if I'm good at it" - She wrote.

She went on to share her favorite Scripture with a fan which is Jeremiah 29:11. She said;
"Because it reminds me that I can trust the Lord even when it doesn't seem like it."

After another fan asked Kierra to share advice to help young people live a good Christian life, she responded by telling people to have others who love Jesus around while having fun.
"Have fun! Travel and explore," she wrote. "The Christian walk keeps you out of trouble."

When another fan asked for advice to help teenagers combat low self-esteem, she made sure to keep the focus on God and the Bible in her answer.
God loves you! There's someone else out there that loves what you hate about yourself. Build yourself up with your words and often tell yourself you're beautiful. Encourage yourself.

Earlier this year, Kierra shared why she believes it is important to be transparent about her Christian walk in her music.
I'm really kind of spilling the beans about my spiritual walk without giving all of my business. I'm letting people into my life, letting them know that I am human, She said,"I'm letting people know, Hey! I may struggle with the same thing you do but God is working on me and it's a process. It's going to be a continual process until Jesus returns.

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