So I decided to feature my buddy's blog on PraiseCamp today. Hehe! Her name is Tayo Ashamu and she is a vibrant young lady with a heart of gold. Tayo is a truckload of inspiration, I call her - A Living - Breathing - Talking - Walking - Charming Pile of Inspiration. Tayo runs a very unique blog, one that has been a source of great inspiration to me. To be honest, my words won't be enough to qualify the amount of greatness in this young lady, so i'll just leave you to read what she has to share and am sure you'll understand what am talking about. Read after the cut >>

Around September 2013, I saw a vision, in that vision, I was addressing a congregation, then i saw a man well suited near me, I was on the pulpit while he was down the pulpit. The man told me to tell the congregation 'Never to give up'. After this vision, I started hearing wise quotes, I started constructing inspiring words and sentences in my head, I started getting inspired and then started writing. At the end of September, I decided to build a blog, the wise quotes and inspiring words/sentences I was writing was getting too much for me to handle alone, so I went ahead to get my blog. 

It was ready in October. I wasn't active on the blog until January 2014. And this is how 'Life Issues With Tayo' came to actualization, my target audience are mainly the teenagers and youths, young adults that are tired of life, people that are hopeless, without faith, without help, people that need encouragement, people that need other people's smiles, people that need just a hand shake to make their day feel good, people that need everything good that life can offer. 

Life Issues With Tayo isn't a religious blog, it is a blog for everyone, whether Muslim or Christian, it cuts across all ethnic groups, all religion and it also cuts across Nigeria as a whole. There is something for everyone.

Kindly visit - for all your inspirational quotes and much more. 

Be a reader today, like my page on Facebook 'Life Issues With Tayo'. Thank you so much.

You can share your story with the world and all that bothers your mind. We await you!

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  1. Thank you so much, God bless you for this, thank you again.


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