CREATE A GAME PLAN: It is important that you as an artiste, know what you want to achieve and what your plans are, to achieve that goal. Make sure you write down your goals.

KEEP YOUR PLAN IN A JOURNAL: Create a system for keeping your thoughts organized. What is important is the paper trail of ideas.

KNOW WHO YOU ARE BEFORE YOU TELL OTHERS WHO YOU ARE: Establish who you are. Know what your goals are, where you've been, and where you're going. Others will see this, and refer to you as an artiste that has direction.

TAKE A RISK, BUT DON'T BE RISKY: There comes a time in every career where you need to take a leap of faith but make it a calculated one. Don't take leaps when a tiny step was the only thing you need.

BE ECONOMICAL BUT DON'T BE CHEAP: Considering the economic situation in the country, lean towards using alternatives to the more costly commercial products. The down side is, if you are not careful, you look cheap! The industry is all about image, so even if you cut down on expenses, don't go for the extremely or obviously cheap alternatives. You can be judged by the quality of your CD jacket, album art or even photo shoots!

DON'T SPEND MORE THAN IT'S WORTH: You are not the first artiste that needed a cd and you're not the first to create a website. Use other artistes as a resource when making big decisions such as these.
DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE OTHER BANDS HAVE MADE: Learn and grow from other artiste's mistakes. Before starting your next project, do your research! Find out how others have done it and make your choices based on that.

DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF, EXPLORE ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS: Artiste "A" makes fliers, Artiste "A" posts shows on Facebook pages or other social media! Artiste "A" is not you! Your fans might not go where Artiste "A's" fans go. How are you going to reach them?

EVALUATE AND RE-EVALUATE YOUR PLAN REGULARLY: Be prepared to change, change and re-change your plan. You must be flexible and ready to adapt. Keep track of changes and your new plan in your journal. It is always possible that you will return to your original plan.

Like any list of tips, these aren't to be taken as the gospel but rather as a way of helping you step back and consider what you're doing.

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