This song is dedicated to people like me... people who've had fears, insecurities... people who've doubted God's existence... people who've faced life threatening circumstances...

people who have no place to live... people who've had their trust broken countless times... people who gave it all and got nothing in return... people who've lost a loved one... people who've been sexually abused, oppressed, cheated on, depressed & lied to... people who've had struggles about their gender... people who never met their parents... people who've had to be a mom & a dad at the same time...
This song is dedicated to people who've had 99 reasons to throw in the towel but chose, instead, to wipe their tears, sweat and hold on to that one reason to keep trusting, believing and hoping. this is my song,this is your song, this is A Song Of Hope.

Download, listen & be INSPIRED.


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