This is probably going to sound a little weird, but I want to relate your performance as an artiste to the art of public speaking. On the other hand, it might not be all that weird, considering the fact that both public speaking and music performance requires you facing an audience and making your voice heard.

If you're making a speech, you know that you have to grab the audience's attention in 30 seconds. That's where you make your biggest impact. If you ever see an artiste get up on stage and stumble on his/her introduction, you should know what I'm driving at.
As an artiste, you can always grab the audience's attention with a song. But it helps to think about other ways to captivate your audience too.

It is important to have 'Magic Moments'. Apparently, this is something that movie promoters say is essential for a film to have a successful ad campaign... that will make the movie a hit. That seems like good advice for a live performance too.

Some of your Magic Moments might come from telling a story about the song with a little emotional side to it. Others might be the song itself. Is it chilling or powerful? Does it make people cry, cheer, sway, or sing-a-long?
Sometimes the Magic Moment will be the way you sing or move. You must always give your audience something to remember you by.
Just like you need a great intro, you also need a great Closer. The usual "Thank you" and "Goodnight" has been over used. Create a unique closing move that will leave your audience with an emotion and a desire to see more of you on stage.
There are a lot of similarities between live shows and public speaking. Do some research  and study the art of public speaking. You may be surprised at just how easily those techniques will give you a fantastic live show.

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